Funding Basics

These are the basic who, what, whys, and wheres of using MusicMerchNow..

Artist Questions

New campaign creators will need lots of guidance creating their first campaign.

Fan Questions

Fans have questions too! Allow us to ease your mind!

Artist Questions: While the campaign is LIVE

"Campaign updates" refer to what is essentially each campaign's blog. Campaign creators use updates to keep their backers informed on the development of the campaign, and every update is emailed directly to backers. Some creators may post every day, others may do it rarely, but it's the best way to keep backers informed of a campaign's progress. Creators are encouraged to include media in their updates, whether by embedding them or uploading directly (images up to 10MB). Each post can be made publicly viewable or backers-only. Backers-only updates allow you to communicate privately with backers as a group.
Yes, you can edit the following content after launching: — Campaign description — Video and image — Rewards (add new ones or edit those not yet backed) — Your profile. The only things that cannot be edited after launch are: — The funding goal — The campaign deadline — Rewards that have already been selected by a backer
People will reach out during the course of the campaign with questions about your campaign. These may range from queries on delivery dates to specific technical questions. These inquiries should be answered promptly and, in cases where other backers are asking the same information, publicly with a campaign update (under your campaign description). Transparency is vital on MusicMerchNow.
No. Every campaign is preserved as it ended. Creators are encouraged to use campaign updates to add new information to the campaign's development.
If no backers have selected the reward tier, you can change the estimated delivery date on your Edit Campaign page. If the reward has already been selected the date cannot be changed.
Every campaign that launches on MusicMerchNow! can be found on the home page within the Recently Launched section. Your campaign will also pop up in its corresponding category and subcategory. Your campaign can also be found by searching your name or the title of your campaign. Lots of people who come to MusicMerchNow browse around and look for campaigns, but keep in mind that when it comes to getting new backers, getting the word out through your own networks is the most effective. Most of the people who back your campaign will be friends, friends of friends, or fans of the work you do.

Artist Questions: After a campaign ends

Once the campaign ends, funds go directly from backers' credit cards to the campaign creator's account, where they are held until the creator withdraws them.
Yes. You can always try again with a new goal, whenever you're ready. You’ll need to set your campaign up from scratch, but it can be essentially identical if you choose.
Once your campaign has ended, you can create surveys (from your Donation Report) to request any info you need to deliver backers’ rewards, such as their mailing address or other details. Responses will be listed next to each backer’s name on your Donation Report pages, and you’ll also be able to download Adobe PDF (pdf) spreadsheets of these reports. Don’t worry about gathering your backers' info before then! If backers are curious, please let them know that you’ll follow up when you're ready to deliver their rewards.
The Estimated Delivery Date is intended to set expectations for backers on when they will receive rewards, both success and consolation. Setbacks are common to any campaign, and creative ones especially. When the unforeseen occurs, creators are expected to post a campaign update explaining the situation. Sharing the story, speed bumps and all, is part of the MusicMerchNow! experience. Creators who are honest and transparent will find backers to be far more forgiving. We’ve all felt the urge to avoid things when we feel bad about them, but leaving backers in the dark makes them assume the worst. It not only reflects badly on the campaign, it’s disrespectful to the support that community has given and to other MusicMerchNow! creators. Regular communication is a must.

Artist Questions: Troubleshooting

Backers have the option to not to receive a reward at all. Some of your backers likely have chosen this option. They also have the option to choose a reward at a lower tier than the amount pledged.
If you feel that your campaign does meet the campaign guidelines, you can submit an appeal for reconsideration. In an appeal, you have 500 characters to let us know why you think your campaign meets the campaign guidelines and should be reconsidered for launch. A MusicMerchNow! staff member will review your campaign again and take your appeal into consideration. If your appeal is declined, the process ends there. The campaign submission in question will be closed, but you can always submit a different campaign.
A campaign may be suspended if it: • Violates or acts inconsistently with the letter or spirit of the MusicMerchNow! Guidelines or Terms of Use. • Materially changes the stated use of funds • Makes unverifiable claims • Exhibits actions that are more closely associated with fraudulent or high-risk activity
Funding for the campaign stops and all pledges are canceled.
No. Once a campaign has been suspended it cannot be undone.
No. For legal and privacy reasons, MusicMerchNow! does not comment on moderator actions.
No. Credit card rules forbid campaign creators from paying themselves.

Still have questions?

Please feel free to contact us with any questions that you can't find answers to on your own. There are no stupid questions!

We welcome and support campaigns from a variety of music related categories: Merchandise, Emergency Road Funds, Equipment, Tour Buy-ons, Stage Gear, Studio Recording Time, Touring Funds, Touring Vehicles and Trailers, Video Production, and Vinyl Record Production. Campaigns must create something to share with others.. Here are five rules every MusicMerchNow! campaign must follow. Click here to read our rules.
MusicMerchnow! is a funding platform for music oriented campaigns. These guidelines explain MusicMerchnow!’s focus. Campaigns violating these guidelines will not be allowed to launch. Click here to read more about our guidelines.
Whether it’s a new CD, a music video, or a piece of equipment, the one trait that every MusicMerchNow! campaign shares is that it is a campaign. Defining, what your MusicMerchNow! campaign is, is the first step for every creator. Click here to read more about building your campaign.
MusicMerchNow!'s Terms of Use require creators to fulfill all rewards of their campaign or refund any backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill.